Pilot Plants: Must Knows

What factors make or break a custom pilot plants design, construction, and operation? What do you need to know when selecting a pilot plant design/build firm? Here’s a few must knows from EPIC’s pilot plant experts:process system 3d model

  1. What should you expect during the design phase? The major things we do in the design phase most revolve around process validation. We try to get experimental lab data, preliminary process flow diagrams, and mass balances from our customers. We then take that information
    and start to define the unknowns. We define the production capacity of the plant, do scale up calculations, produce mass and energy balances, and acquire preliminary equipment specifications.
  1. What kind of deliverables can I expect out of design? The toughest part in this process is scale up. There is no linear relationship during a scale up or scale down. Meaning the process may work at bench scale but could fail at production level. Through simulations and 3D design, we define the process limitations, and the make or break points of the process. Tradeoffs between production capacity and these limitations are explored, and an optimal design is finalized.
  1. Why should I use a pilot plant scale-up expert for design? The advantage that companies like EPIC provide is simple; we validate your process early. We don’t want to waste your time or money on a process ultimately won’t work. By completing detailed design and thorough front-end engineering, we ensure an optimal design is found and process limitations are clearly defined. If your project is a good fit for modular design, additional time and money can be saved through a compressed process module schedule.
  1. How can I be ensured that my final process module will work to spec? The most important thing for the customer to know, is that we test in-house. From bench scale to full scale, we test electrical, control, and hydraulically in house. We also offer full staff training, for those who will be operating the plant day to day when it is needed. Additionally, you will need to ensure all the utilities required by the new process module
    are available onsite to ensure the plant can operate properly.

What advantage can EPIC specifically provide? Through and through, EPIC is a total package. We can and will make it happen for you just as we have many a customers before you. That’s what sets us apart. Our atmosphere, and culture. We are one big family, and we ensure our customers are welcomed into the family. From a technical standpoint, we are very much prepared for anything and everything you can challenge us with. Get in touch with one of our engineers to get your project moving today.