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epic employee trivia

EPIC Trivia Photos & Selfies

We hope you all had fun last night! We appreciate everyone coming out to help us raise money for the USO of Missouri. Check out the album of pictures from the event below. Did you take photos at the event? Feel free to share them with us on different social media platforms.

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Three Keys to Maximizing Automated Packaging Line Throughput

The goal with any packaging line is to maximize throughput. The last thing you want is for the line to slow down, or even worse, shut down. The design of your packaging systems is key to making sure you are getting the best performance. Beyond equipment selection, there are three key aspects that need to […]

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packaging line design

Packaging System Design? Yeah, We Can Handle That

There are many questions to be answered when you are trying to develop a packaging system from scratch. Do you need a low-speed inline filler? Or a high speed rotary filler? How should equipment be spaced to ensure good line flow and balance? What type of production line will maximize throughput for your specific product(s)? […]

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Automated Packaging System Integrators

Interested in automating your packaging line, but unsure if the investment is worth it? An experienced team of automated packaging system integrators is what you need. The level of automation and purchasing used or new equipment are two key areas that are discussed to help you achieve the highest ROI. Level of Automation When automating […]

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PackML – Coming Soon to Packaging Systems Near You

The PackML (Packaging Machine Language) standard is changing the face of packaging systems around the world. Striving to unite packing machinery with a common “look and feel,” PackML became an ISA88 industry standard in August 2008. PackML provides a common “machine state” model and standardized data tracking (Pack-Tags), to ensure machine programmers are speaking the […]

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Packaging Equipment Guide: Bulk Packaging Conveying

Will the automated packaging conveying system provide good line ergonomics? What are the space limitations in your packaging facility? How much downtime will conveyor installation require? These are a few of the considerations you must balance when choosing a conveying system for your packaging line. There are three common types of packaging conveying systems that […]

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Automating Packaging Line Quality Control

Tired of having spilled product because of missing seals or crooked caps? What about missing labels or blistering? How much money are you wasting shipping empty packages or boxes? In the modern manufacturing environment, there are affordable automated packaging line quality control systems that can solve all of these problems. Top Three Automated Packaging Line […]

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Packaging Equipment Guide: Bulk Packaging Lifts

Are line operators a safe distance from moving parts? Are building modifications required? Does the system provide good ergonomics for line operators? These are a few of the considerations you must balance when choosing a bulk packaging lift system. The three common types of packaging lift systems that we will compare: Monorail System With Hoist […]

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Bottle Filling Trends | Aseptic Filling

Longer shelf life, fresher taste, no preservatives – these are the primary advantages to an aseptic bottle filling line. This technology is catching on quickly for beverage processors and packers. Aseptic packaging is widely used in places like Europe, Asia and South America, but it is just starting to catch on in America. Aseptic Filling […]

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