Packaging System Design? Yeah, We Can Handle That

by | EPIC Systems, Inc

packaging designThere are many questions to be answered when you are trying to develop a packaging system from scratch. Do you need a low-speed inline filler? Or a high speed rotary filler? How should equipment be spaced to ensure good line flow and balance? What type of production line will maximize throughput for your specific product(s)?

Answering these questions requires a practical working knowledge of packaging equipment, line design, and the practicalities of manufacturing flow. You need an expert who lives and breathes packing line design, balance and product flow across packaging equipment.

Our packaging line engineers are here to develop everything from creating the electrical design, selecting the height decks of all of the machinery, to hitting required production rates on your packaging line. You can see all of EPIC’s detailed packaging system design capabilities . On top of that, they we give you a fixed bid price for your project and stick to it.

epic systems packaging designWhy would you bring in someone to design how your product is going to be packaged and sent out of your doors? Packaging system design is much more than selecting equipment with a solid ROI. Optimizing your line for speed and efficiency is an art with many factors. What will be your rate limiting piece of equipment? How will each machine integrate with the packaging process immediately upstream and downstream of it? Where should you automate and what can you leave manual? Packaging system design must account for relationships between machinery, product movement through the entire line, and balance your needs with your budget.

Having an EPIC packaging system design engineer on your side to help you form the best packing system design. Get in contact with one of our packaging engineers today to discuss your packaging needs.

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