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Marine Week Provides Opportunity to Give Back

Semper Fidelis became the Marine motto in 1883, symbolizing the commitment MarinesMarine Week in St. Louis have to their country and each other.  The Marines have longed served as America’s first line of defense, protecting us by land, air and sea.  Next week, we have a rare opportunity to honor our Marine’s and get a feel for the Marine way of life during the 3rd annual Marine Week in St. Louis.  Marine week will include a full schedule of free events.

As the always faithful Marines gather in St. Louis next week for the third annual Marine Week, we have a local opportunity to honor and give back to a Marine who lost three of his limbs serving our country in Afghanistan.

CPL Justin McLoud lost both his legs and one of his arms in Afghanistan. Today he is back with his wife and young son, learning to walk on prosthetic legs. He aspires to be a high school history teacher.

A fundraiser for CPL Justin McLoud will be held in Arnold, MO, on Saturday, July 2nd from 11am – 8pm at VFW post 2593.  There will be a barbeque from 11am – 3pm, live music, a live and a silent auction, and raffles. For more information contact Brad Denny at (314) 630-4789.

McLoud and his wife AmberJohn Schott, EPIC’s President wanted to share the following information regarding the fundraiser for CPL Mcloud:

PLEASE help by giving what you can. EPIC is making a donation and we will take all donations to his family on the day of the fundraiser.  Please try to go with me to this fundraiser if at all possible so that we may show our support for a man and his family that have paid the price on our behalf.”

Donations can also be mailed to:

VFW Post 2593
Justin McLoud Benefit
Attn: Debby Denny
2301 Church Road
Arnold, MO  63010

Schott and several other EPIC employees will be attending the fundraiser. To learn more about EPIC you can visit our website or contact an engineer today.

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