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Do you know the Biggest Loser?

Some of you may not know this, but the biggest losers work here at EPIC. Biggest weight losers that is. This year’s competition had 15 fierce competitors, all of which fought hard for the full twelve weeks. Altogether the group lost over 150 pounds!  That’s shedding some serious baggage.Kelly and Angela

The competition was broken into two separate six-week competitions. Therefore there were two winners. For the first six weeks, our biggest loser was Angela Schwartz who came out of the gate really strong and blew everyone away.

The winner of the final six weeks was Kelly Springett. Kelly worked her tail off, literally, for the entire twelve weeks. While others found themselves becoming stagnant and plateauing late in the competition, Kelly continued to push hard.

Along with the two main pots, there was also a side pot paid out on a bi-weekly basis for the total percentage lost for that two-week stretch. Coming down the home stretch, Kelly took the side pot for week eight. Angela took the side pot for week ten, and James Owen took the side pot for the final week.

Through and through this was a fun competition. Not only does it bring the competitive spirit out in all of our participants but it is also a friendly way to challenge one another to live a healthier lifestyle, and improve themselves. Congrats to all winners!

This is the fourth year of the biggest loser contest at EPIC. You can see some past winners and participants in the following blog posts:

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