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EPIC Invests in an iMac

EPIC has recently purchased an iMac and it is a “huge” hit! The new addition to the Media iMac in the LibraryRoom will help the marketing department to create better quality videos as well as organize all of the company’s photos through use of Aperture software. Aperture allows users to tag photos and videos with keywords creating a searchable database.

When asking the marketing and IT Director why he chose the iMac over other computers he said: “We researched a wide range of computers and the iMAC gave us the most capabilities and options. The marketing group can organize our photos more efficiently, and create relevant movies and video for our customers and potential clients. It allows us to showcase our design, engineering and manufacturing capabilities more effectively, and convey our experience with automation and integration.”

There is no question that the size of the screen alone is enough to make anyone who works in media/marketing want to check it out.  John Schott, EPIC’s President, says this about the size of the screen compared to his Galaxy Note Phone: “The marketing department became jealous of my “phablet” (phone-tablet) so they decided to try and one up me with the iMac, but you can clearly see in the picture that both of the screens are the same size.”

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