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How To Find The Perfect Job

Are you looking for the perfect job? Maybe you are looking to transition to a new career. Amy Rannebarger, from EPIC’s Human Resources Department, recommends some tips for finding your job:

Find your Worth: Figure out what makes you viable in the marketplace.

Seek Help from Others:  If you need assistance writing a resume, for example, resources like the local employment office or a local college will have staff members to help.

I Love My JobConnect Online: Get on LinkedIn and create a professional profile on Facebook. Use social media to your advantage and as a way to be recruited.

Connect Face to Face: Focus on meeting new people. Shake hands with people and get yourself out there. A new position is not just going to come to you.

Understand How The Industry Is Changing:  Technology advances, changing markets and business demands change have great effect on the job market and the viability of specific careers.. Do you need to evolve too? Is there another career that fits your skill set?

Better Yourself: Take it as an opportunity to learn. Maybe you need a new skill. This is a perfect time to go back to school or volunteer to help others.

Above all, figure out your passion and find a career that matches it. Work doesn’t feel like work if you are doing what you’re passionate about every day. If your passion is solving manufacturing challenges, EPIC is hiring. Find out if you have what it takes!

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