Fab Plant Spotlight: Larry Ingle

Larryshopphoto (3)Name: Larry Ingle

Job Description:
Welder, pipefitter, journeyman

About Larry:
Larry Ingle was born and raised in St. Clair, MO. He has three children ages 25, 19 & 11.  Larry resides in St. Clair with his wife, Tracy, and their kids. He has worked at EPIC for six years as a full time employee.

Past Experience:

  • Graduate of St. Clair High School where he was part of the welding vocational-technology program.
  • Attended East Central Community College gaining further training in welding.
  • Pipefitter and welder for 25 years.
  • Acquired his technique while working for Nooter Corporation for seven years.

Most Challenging EPIC Project:
“I enjoy all of the work and find the projects at EPIC very interesting. The most challenging project was a blending skid for a leading agricultural company.  The first unit was built here and sent to Costa Rica.  It had to withstand the long shipping process and a harsh installation environment in a foreign country. The company has been impressed with the technology and craftsmanship of our skids and we’ve built 10-12 units for them.”

Most Rewarding Project at EPIC:

“The most rewarding project was the turnkey installation in Texas. It was neat for me to be able to see this project from beginning to end. Last year, I even went to Texas to install the project. It was a big project.”


What Larry likes most about EPIC:

“Every day, there is something new and a new challenge to take on that has never been done.  I am never bored!”


Larry has twelve acres of land on which he has cattle. He enjoys camping, fishing, and riding his motorcycle.

Interesting Facts:

Larry likes reading and watching TV about history and visiting historical places.

Larry is constantly learning and improving his skillset, even when he’s not at EPIC. He sometimes works with his daughter Taylor to help him figure out more efficient calculations for his work. Larry is proud that his daughter has the talent to help him do his job better.

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