EPIC Systems’ Family Adventure at Edison’s Entertainment Complex

Each year EPIC Systems’ Random Events Committee (REC) hosts multiple events. The latest event was the family event where EPIC employees and their families ventured over to Edison’s Entertainment Center in Edwardsville, IL for a day of fun and games.

As families arrived, you could see the joy and excitement on the younger kids faces as they saw the lights flashing from the arcade. The older children couldn’t wait to challenge their parents in a friendly bowling or laser tag competition. Of course the parents were excited too – A day of fun with their family and EPIC friends, what more could they ask for?

In between arcade, bowling and laser tag, EPIC employees and their families took a break to enjoy unlimited pizza, pasta, salad, toasted ravioli, cookies and drinks.

“Our kids had a great time, and we did too. We really enjoyed getting together with everyone outside of the office. Edison’s has a great atmosphere, and we plan to bring our kids back soon,” said Dave Stawarski, EPIC’s lead modular designer.

EPIC Systems’ next REC event is October 1st at Schlafly Bottleworks. This event is the spouse/significant other event. More details coming soon…

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