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EPIC Giving Tree

EPIC adopted the Pu family for the holidays.  The family was assigned to us from OASIS International, a religious organization helping refugees that live in St. Louis.xmas-family
The Pu family is from Burma, and six of the seven family members arrived in St. Louis in early December. Khual Pu, the father, has been in St. Louis for several years working to save enough money to fly his family to the US. The Pu family consists of: father Khual Pu, mother Din Sian Cing, and their five children: Cing San Kim, 18 year old girl; Cin Lam Mung, 16 year old boy; Vung Khan Dim, 14 year old girl; Kam Ngaih Lian, 12 year old boy; and Lun Suan Dim, 7 year old girl.

EPIC employees joined together in the effort to provide this family with items to help them stay warm. The EPIC office had a giving tree where employees could pick ornaments and donate the requested items on the ornaments.  Employees donated warm clothing, hats, socks, gloves, food, small appliances, gift cards, toys, games, a TV, DVD player, DVD’s, towels & other household items.EPIC-Tree

Items were delivered to the Pu family on December 15th by EPIC employees Chris Walker and Becky Haberberger as well as Becky’s husband, Steve Haberberger, and Chris’ son, Steven Walker. Chris, Becky, Steven and Steve handed out the gifts to each of the family members and were able to be there to watch their faces light up as they opened their gifts. Many pictures were taken and laughs shared. The youngest daughter, Lun Suan Dim shared a few songs and prayers in her native language. Khual Pu shared a couple of Bible verses and a prayer to display his appreciation. The Pu family was overwhelmed with the generosity and kindness of EPIC employees.  The EPIC family enjoyed this experience as well and was happy to be able to help a family in the Saint Louis area.


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