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EPIC Employees Run, Bike, Swim…Then do it Again

James, Chad, Chris and Mike are four employees from EPIC Systems who recently biked,EPIC Triathlon Team ran and swam the Wood River Triathlon held in Wood River, Illinois. Their coach is Ken, a veteran triathlete and EPIC employee, who watched and cheered from the sidelines. The race included a 450 meter swim, followed by a 12 mile bike ride that was topped off with a four mile run. James and his fellow teammates used the triathlon as further motivation to get in shape after reaching previous weight loss goals. The group focus is on getting in better shape and living healthier lives. Most of the team trains at the “Y” and the Arnold Rec Center, riding bikes and running once or twice a week.

James biking in triathlonThe group was proud of accomplishing their goal, and look forward to their next challenge. Chad said this was his first race and that he did not train long enough for it with the group. “I rode 12 miles and jogged 2 miles once and that was it.” Chad’s legs felt like Jell-O when he got off the bike, although he did reach his goal of finishing in less than two hours. Next year his goal is to train more with the group, and knock off 15 minutes of time.

“All of us did better than expected and we finished strong,” James said. “Best moment of the race, besides finishing of course, they write on your arm in sharpie. After that rubs off, you are left with the outline of your race number. Best advice: go faster!”

Chris swims in the triathlonUpcoming EPIC Race Participation

  • Cardinal’s Care 6k: The EPIC team is raising $800 for an organization dedicated to supporting youth programs around the St. Louis area. September 16, 2012, Busch Stadium
  • Rend Lake Triathlon: September 30, 2012 Benton, Illinois Rend Lake
  • IRONMAN: June 23, 2013, Coeur d’Alene Idaho

Mike runs in triathlon

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