These Boots Were Made for Working, Safely

Day in and day out EPIC’s team put on their steel toe boots to proactively protect feet from work-related accidents. This makes it very easy to overlook all that goes into each boot.

These boots are constructed with a strong piece of material (TPU, steel, or aluminum) guarding the toe to protect from any falling objects that could otherwise obliterate your toe. These boots protect from many things including:

  • Impactskid fabrication boots
  • Penetration
  • Electric shock
  • Chemical hazards

Some steel toe boots include midsole plates to protect the rest of your foot.

Like many other things, boots have their own classifications for which type of workplace or job they should be used for. Which types are suitable for a skid fabrication environment? Use the classifications below to figure that out:

  • Green Triangle indicates that it is a Class 1 toe cap with puncture resistant sole.
  • Yellow Triangle indicates that it is a Class 2 toe cap with puncture resistant sole.
  • White Square (with ohm symbol) indicates electrical protection.
  • Yellow Square (with SD) indicates anti-static protection.
  • Red Square (with C) indicates electrically conductive.
  • Fir Tree indicates protection against chain-saws.

Steel toes are extremely robust with the most basic pairs being able to withstand an impact of 200 joules including compression up to 15,000 newtons of force. Safety equipment is neglected by many and steel toes are one of the most common ones to be.

Check out the video linked bellow to see how durable steel toes boots really are:


So please remember to always wear your steel toe boots when required just like everyone here in our skid fabrication shop at EPIC Systems.

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