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Defining Successful Projects

Many people, when asked how they define the success of a project, offer the traditional answer that, “the project was delivered on time, within budget and performed as expected.” While this is a reasonable answer, and a critical factor in the success of any project, John Schott, President of EPIC, believes the answer goes deeper […]

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They’re Like Regular Engineers, Only Smaller

This spring EPIC hosted a Mini-Engineers event at its manufacturing and engineering facility here in St. Louis. We teamed up with The Greater St. Louis Area Council Boy Scouts of America to create a fun engineering focused day that included race car designing, tin-foil boat sinking and melting Styrofoam in solvents. The day included an […]

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skid fabrication boots

These Boots Were Made for Working, Safely

Day in and day out EPIC’s team put on their steel toe boots to proactively protect feet from work-related accidents. This makes it very easy to overlook all that goes into each boot. These boots are constructed with a strong piece of material (TPU, steel, or aluminum) guarding the toe to protect from any falling […]

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EPIC Safety Series: Forklifts and Rigging

Safety is always an important topic, but with a six-part modular skid currently being prepped for shipping in the EPIC fabrication shop, it’s the number one priority. What does it take to move these massive modules from fabrication and testing in EPIC’s shop to running full steam at the customer’s site? The challenge falls to […]

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epic employee trivia

EPIC Trivia Photos & Selfies

We hope you all had fun last night! We appreciate everyone coming out to help us raise money for the USO of Missouri. Check out the album of pictures from the event below. Did you take photos at the event? Feel free to share them with us on different social media platforms.

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Welcime to Edison's!

EPIC Systems’ Family Adventure at Edison’s Entertainment Complex

Each year EPIC Systems’ Random Events Committee (REC) hosts multiple events. The latest event was the family event where EPIC employees and their families ventured over to Edison’s Entertainment Center in Edwardsville, IL for a day of fun and games. As families arrived, you could see the joy and excitement on the younger kids faces […]

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hand pack line

Three Keys to Maximizing Automated Packaging Line Throughput

The goal with any packaging line is to maximize throughput. The last thing you want is for the line to slow down, or even worse, shut down. The design of your packaging systems is key to making sure you are getting the best performance. Beyond equipment selection, there are three key aspects that need to […]

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