About EPIC

About EPIC

Founded: 1995

Industry: Engineering, Fabrication and Integration Services

EPIC Systems, Inc. is multi-discipline engineering and fabrication firm that provides complete modular process plants and systems, integrated packaging and assembly lines, custom machinery manufacturing and advanced machine and vision system integration.

Company Profile

St. Louis-based EPIC Systems, Inc. is a diversified worldwide manufacturing and service company focused on four primary business platforms:

Founded in 1995, EPIC utilizes a customized design-build approach for the entire project.  Project Development includes: concept development, design engineering, integration, automation (process, line, and controls), plant and modular fabrication, construction management and installation, startup, support and commission.

Modular Process Systems

EPIC Systems, Inc. is a global provider of modular plant and process systems. The company is a multi-discipline engineering, automation and fabrication firm with services for the following processes:

  • Raw Material Systems
  • Batch Manufacturing Systems
    • Batch Reactor Systems
    • Batch Mixing Systems
    • Centrifuge Systems
    • Coating Systems
  •  Continuous Production Systems
    • Continuous Inline Blending Systems
    • Industrial Distillation Systems
  • Industrial Pipe Racks
  • Industrial Pipe Bridges
  • Utility Systems
    • Power Generation & Distribution Systems
    • Heat Transfer Systems
      • Electric Heat Trace Systems
    • Compressed Air Systems
    • Fuel Delivery Skids
    • Clean-In-Place (CIP) Systems
    • Wastewater Treatment Systems
    • Nitrogen Generation Systems
  • Pilot Plants
    • Demonstration Plants
    • Plant Scale up
    • Production & Commercial Plants

Production Line and Assembly Line Integration

EPIC Systems, Inc. provides of customized solutions for complete production line integration. The company specializes in integration of Packaging Line systems.  EPIC automates and integrates individual pieces of machinery and equipment to create fully functional, integrated production lines. The company provides services for the following processes:

  • Bottle Handling, Filling & Packaging
  • Drum/ Pail Filling & Handling
  • Bag/ Pouch Filling & Packaging
  • Tote Filling & Handling
  • Miscellaneous Bulk and Consumer Packaging
  • Processing Line Packaging

Machine Vision System Integration

EPIC Systems, Inc. provides deployment strategies for an almost unlimited range of inspection or imaging applications for machine vision. EPIC engineers utilize the latest lighting and smart camera technology to accurately design, build and automate machine vision systems. EPIC provides services for the following processes:

  • Custom Packaging Inspection
  • Print Inspection
  • Code Verification/Inspection
  • Custom Web Inspection
  • Custom Tolerance & Measurement
  • Process Control/ Feedback Vision Systems
  • Part Inspection
  • Bottle, Case & Can Inspection
  • Label Inspection
  • Cap, Seal & Closure Inspection
  • Color Inspection
  • 360 Degree Inspection
  • Thermal/ Temperature Inspection
  • Multiple Camera Inspection
  • 3D Vision
  • Date & Lot Codes
  • Data Matrix, QR Codes and Bar Codes
  • Print Quality Inspection
  • Ingredient Reader
  • Artwork and Color Verification
  • Defects Inspection
  • Assembly Verification
  • Data Collection
  • Robot Guidance
  • Real Time Inspection
  • High Speed Image Recording
  • Custom Vision Applications

Custom Machines

EPIC Systems, Inc. utilizes a design build approach to specialize in highly customized, hard to find or non-existent equipment. EPIC engineers and fabricates each machine for stand-alone or comprehensive solution that can be integrated into any product line. EPIC has services for the following processes:

  • Custom Assembly Machines
  • Custom Product Test & Inspection
  • Custom Packaging Machines
  • Custom Web Handling Machines
  • Custom Machining Systems
  • Custom Filling Machines
  • Custom Forming Machines

EPIC Principles 

EPIC was founded on the idea that manufacturers need better solutions. Through our Front-End Engineering process, project management philosophies and company values, we provide solutions that help manufacturers do it better by:

  • Completing a mutual Front-End Engineering assessment to ensure that the proper steps are taken during project scope development
  • Spending your money as if it was our own
  • Focusing on quality and longevity when selecting equipment and materials of construction
  • Applying our plant engineering experience and assisting you to identify needs, pinpoint objectives and provide the most appropriate manufacturing equipment for the application
  • Buying American when it makes sense and Moving American Manufacturing Forward by providing better solutions
  • Keeping an open door client policy to promote innovation. We invite clients to visit EPIC to experiment with new processes, technologies and techniques that push the limits of traditional engineering.
  • A transfer of knowledge (not just a basic training) for the systems and equipment we provide • Practicing continuous improvement to remain competitive
  • Providing solutions that are no more complex than they need to best
  • Striving to form long-term relationships with clients that appreciate our value
  • Treating clients, vendors, and employees with equal respect
  • Declining formal and exclusive vendor alliances to preserve objectivity

We work across many industries and have earned a solid reputation for quality, design and value. Today, we are proud to partner with several of the world’s leading manufacturers including: Anheuser Busch, Procter & Gamble, Monsanto, Boeing and Nestle.

Company History

History of EPIC Systems, Inc.

St. Louis-based EPIC Systems, Inc. is an experienced multi-discipline engineering and fabrication firm that provides complete custom solutions for:


John R. Schott, P.E. and Matt Quinn founded Electrical, Process, Instrumentation and Control (EPIC) Systems in St. Louis, MO. The company provided consulting, design engineering services and automation for process plants and packaging line integration.

The partners start EPIC Systems with $1,000 of personal savings and 600 square feet of rented office space. They utilized their experience as plant engineers to provide a unique familiarity and service to many manufacturing industries.


Line Integration becomes the first distinctive service group within EPIC. Line Integration became the backbone of the company as many early projects showcased innovative controls engineering.


EPIC’s engineering capabilities expand beyond consulting, automation and design with the addition of their new fabrication plant to support the design and construction of modular process plants. The facility allows for in-house fabrication and construction management services.


EPIC offers complete design/build of process plants to industrial clients, taking responsibility from concept to commissioning. EPIC Modular Process Systems forms to manage and oversee the complete design and in-house fabrication of multi-scale plants and systems for process manufacturing.


EPIC expands automation capabilities to include machine vision inspection expertise to augment line integration solutions.


EPIC is recognized as one of St. Louis’ fastest growing private company as St. Louis Regional Technology Award Winner. The company has won the award three times.

EPIC is also recognized as a St. Louis Fast 50 Technology Award winner. The company has won this award four times.


EPIC Systems team moves into an expanded 40,000 sq ft facility in St. Louis, Missouri. The state-of-the-art space features two separate machine plants in-house; one for stainless steel fabrication and an isolated plant for carbon steel fabrication, in addition to 60,000 square feet of extra plant space to accommodate larger-scale applications.


EPIC expands our line integration capabilities with a specialized group for complete design/build of packaging and assembly lines.

EPIC also forms the Custom Machine Group to manufacture hard-to-find or non-existent machines for their line integration and modular process clients.

EPIC founds the “EPIC Way Award”, given in recognition of the individual who best exemplifies the spirit and values upon which EPIC Systems was founded. The award is given each year to an EPIC employee.


Schott becomes sole owner of EPIC Systems

EPIC recognized as an Inc 500/5000 winner


EPIC recognized as an Inc 500/5000 winner


EPIC expands their automation services with the Insta-Panel control system. Insta-Panel is a standard control box equipped with a flexible HMI for complete installation. It is easy to use and will integrate quickly and completely to your new or existing industrial systems.

EPIC Trivia Night is established to benefit the USO of Missouri.

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EPIC is excited about the future and we invite clients and guests to visit our facilities to learn even more about us. Visit our location section to find directions or contact an engineer today.